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SGS INSPIRE is a data and information service that provides expertise in the areas of fuel quality, vehicle emissions, energy and transportation. Let our facts and data guide you easily through the vast array of news stories and partisan opinions you hear every day, to give you a clear understanding of the market and policy mechanisms that are influencing your business today and will do so in the future.
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Our Fuel Technology Center in Speyer is a global leader in assessing fuel quality. Over the past 28 years, our fuel experts have tested 35,000 gasoline samples, 21,000 diesel samples, 2,000 renewable fuel samples, 600 gaseous fuel samples, 300 diesel exhaust fluid samples and 215 samples of different additives. SGS fuel testing covers almost the entire globe. We deliver fuel quality data to our clients through our regular biannual Worldwide Fuel Surveys (WWFS) and special Joint Venture projects.
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SGS INSPIRE analyzes the market data and combines it with in-depth studies on the legislative and market developments across the world. You can gain quick access to this service over our Internet platform where you can navigate easily between country profiles, special reports, maps and our database outlining fuel quality specifications worldwide.
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Our analyses cover topics such as:
gasoline oxygenates and octane boosters; regulatory requirements; effect on vehicles and other properties of fuel quality; market availability; the future outlook;
availability of low-sulfur fuels in developing markets, e.g., availability of 10 ppm diesel fuel and gasoline; labeling requirements; origins of low-sulfur fuels and their outlook; as well as
biofuel use in specific countries; government mandates; regulated blending limits versus actual market quality; types of feedstocks and their impact on quality requirements.
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SGS INSPIRE gives you personal, direct access to fuel quality experts. Our laboratory specialists have practical, in-depth knowledge of fuel's chemical and physical properties. Some of our experts include chemical, physical and environmental engineers with more than 30 years’ experience. The expertise provided by SGS INSPIRE is also backed by lawyers specializing in energy law and special fuel quality standards and regulations, as well as political and economic specialists that can provide you with a full understanding of the factors that impact fuel quality and energy in transportation. Our experts are located near the governments, industry stakeholders and other local market players in key markets.

Meet the team

Description: Urszula Szalkowska
Global Business Manager, Market Intelligence
Ula is an expert in global fuel quality regulations and market intelligence.
Description: Lucky Nurafiatin
Sales Manager, Market Analyst - Asia Pacific
Nurafiatin is the sales manager and market analyst for the Asia Pacific region.
Description: Kristine Bitnere
Business Development Manager, SGS INSPIRE
She is an expert in fuel quality regulation and market analysis in relation to the EU, Balkan region and CIS
Description: Aida Gonzalez Palomino
Project Manager, Market Analyst - Africa and Latin America
Aida is the market analyst for Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean at SGS INSPIRE.
Market Analyst - North America
Raphael covers North American fuel markets for SGS INSPIRE.
Description: Sammy El Takriti
Market Analyst, Middle East
Sammy is a market analyst at SGS INSPIRE, covering the Middle East. He is an expert in alternative fuel policies and carbon markets.
Description: Dhanisha Juleemun
Market Analyst, Europe and Africa
Dhanisha is a market analyst at SGS INSPIRE, covering fuels and new energy trends in transport for Europe and Africa.
Description: Chee Yin Lee
Market Analyst - China
Chee Yin is the market analyst for China including Hong Kong and Taiwan at SGS INSPIRE.
Market Analyst - China
Sam is a team member of INSPIRE project, mainly focus on the fuel quality policies, regulations & market intelligence of China
Description: Anke Konzack
Business Development Manager Fuel Surveys
Anke is the Business Development Manager for the SGS Worldwide Fuel Survey projects. She is an expert in global fuel quality projects.
Description: Konstancja Opryszek
Data Analyst
Konstancja is a data analyst working on the Power BI visualizations for various projects - including INSPIRE project.
Description: Katarzyna Reszka-Hanaj
Data Analyst
Katarzyna is Data Analyst for Oil, Gas and Chemicals, who joined SGS INSPIRE in October 2020. She works on leveraging Power BI to visualize data.