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Keep up-to-date on the latest important developments in the fuels market, including fuel legislation, standardization and more. Short, concise articles highlight the key information you need to know and save you time.
Access content that will make a difference! We've spent 28 years building our expertise in the testing and analysis of different fuels. Now this expertise is available to you. Benefit from our unique analyses combining all of the elements crucial to your understanding of the complex world of fuels, including a comparison of current fuel quality data with the policies and laws governing fuel quality and related aspects. We provide valuable insight and can answer your questions about the discrepancies between legislation and reality, where they originate, and their consequences for the future fuels market.

Specifications database

Our specifications database provides easy access to the data you need. Simply select the relevant country to find the regulatory requirements for the different fuel types available in that country. Using the global network of SGS oil and gas experts, we cover virtually every country in the world.
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Get access to the industry's most extensive technical expertise when it comes to fuels. At SGS, our experts understand the history and development of fuel specifications worldwide and are always on top of the latest trends in fuels quality. This technical expertise, combined with our knowledge and understanding of energy and transport policies, can give you a competitive edge.

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Benefit from our years of extensive technical and analytical knowledge and experience by using our tailored consulting service. Our unique expertise will help shape your strategies and give you the information advantage you need to position your business for the future.