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Publication date: Oct 10 2018
Beginning 2018, Italian company Eni reconfirmed its cooperation with Italian-American FCA on research and development of gasoline blended with M15 E5.
Description: Global: ENI and FCA agreement on M15E5 blend R&D
Publication date: Oct 10 2018
Russian gasoline market will experience a slow increase in demand for higher octane gasoline grades
Description: Russia: Slowly Increasing Demand for Higher Octane and Low Sulfur Fuels
Publication date: Oct 05 2018
Kazakhstan aims to complete refinery upgrade by the end of this year and export fuel after Russia gives the "green light".
Publication date: Oct 05 2018
From Aug.12, 2019, fuels produced in Kyrgyzstan and imported into the country should be certified according to the Eurasian Economic Union’s...
Description: Kyrgyzstan: to require 50 ppm sulfur limit for fuels from August 2019
Publication date: Oct 04 2018
SGS Inspire has received the first draft standards for diesel and gasoline in Belize.
Description: Belize: first ever national fuel standards to be published later in the year
Publication date: Oct 04 2018
On Oct.3, 2018, the European Parliament refused proposed amendments on CO2 reduction for vehicles running on CNG/ LNG, higher octane gasoline (RON102)...
Description: EU: EP rejected CO2 benefits from vehicles using RON102, CNG or non-fossil fuels
Publication date: Oct 03 2018
Starting from 1st July 2018, sulfur content of diesel fuel used by inland vessels and river-sea ships should not exceed 10mg/kg.
Description: China: Stricter emission standard for marine engines in domestic vessels
Publication date: Sep 27 2018
Following the government's decision to enforce B20 mandate, oil companies are in a hurry to make B20 available at all stations. The switch to B20 is...
Description: Indonesia: Update on B20
Publication date: Sep 24 2018
EU discussion on the new CO2 standards for cars and vans for 2030 will determine the prospects of using RON102 gasoline and e-fuels
Description: EU: EP ENVI disregards e-fuels and RON102 gasoline as options to reduce CO2 from car...
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