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Publication date: Jul 23 2021
New targets for advanced biofuels, renewable energy share target replaced with life cycle GHG emission reduction target
Description: EU: Proposed RED III sets new targets for transport sector
Publication date: Jul 23 2021
Tags - Ethanol
The government issued a draft notification allowing E12 and E15 sales for vehicles.
Description: India: E12/E15 may be sold as an intermediate step prior to E20
Publication date: Jul 22 2021
CEN has proposed modifications to Europe's paraffinic diesel standard, and others.
Description: Europe: Modifications proposed to the paraffinic diesel standard
Publication date: Jul 20 2021
Sales remained at or near all-time highs during the second quarter of 2021
Description: U.S.: BEV, FCV sales remained strong in 2Q, 2021
Publication date: Jul 16 2021
Action finally paves the way for the removal of RFG in seven Maine counties.
Description: U.S.: EPA formally approves South Maine RFG Phase-out
Publication date: Jul 15 2021
Bills seek to work around recent Court of Appeals decision overturning the EPA's 2019 final rule on the waiver.
Description: U.S.: Bills seeking to extend E15 RVP waiver introduced in Congress
Publication date: Jul 15 2021
Tags - Aviation
Plant's start of operations expected by fourth quarter 2021.
Description: U.S.: Fulcrum completes construction of SAF project
Publication date: Jul 14 2021
Tags - Biodiesel
The B12 biodiesel blend mandate to be implemented in September, but B13 is expected to be resumed in November, 2021
Description: Brazil: Biodiesel blend B12 will be implemented in September, 2021
Publication date: Jul 14 2021
The European Commission proposed new climate and renewable energy targets
Description: European Union: Fit for 55 package published
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