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Publication date: May 29 2023
New Zealand's government plans to tighten exhaust emissions standards for light- and heavy-duty vehicles, and to introduce exhaust emission standards...
Description: New Zealand: draft Euro 6/VI implementation plan is published for public comments
Publication date: May 26 2023
On May 12, 2023, the Thai government conducted a meeting with 25 automotive manufacturers to clarify the country's Euro 5 and 6 enforcement plan.
Description: Thailand: government clarifies Euro 5 and 6 implementation date
Publication date: May 26 2023
The UK Department for Transport proposes a ZEV mandate and non-ZEV CO2 emissions standard for new cars and vans
Description: UK: Consultation on final frameworks for proposed CO2 standards for new cars and...
Publication date: May 23 2023
Tags - Diesel
Bangladesh's government relaxes the maximum sulfur limit in diesel and allows 20% of diesel imports to have sulfur content of more than 500 mg/kg
Description: Bangladesh: 20% of imported diesel permitted sulfur content above 500 mg/kg
Publication date: May 19 2023
The Brazilian Minister of Mines and Energy has mentioned a willingness to increase the anhydrous ethanol content of gasoline mandate to 30% v/v.
Description: Brazil: government considers mandate increase to 30% for anhydrous ethanol in...
Publication date: May 18 2023
On April 26, 2023, Albania’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy posted a draft law on biofuels, with the public consultation process opening...
Description: Albania: New draft law for increased use of biofuels in transport is ready
Publication date: May 18 2023
Tags - Fit-for-55
On April 18, 2023, both the European Parliament and the Council of EU adopted the agreements on legislative pieces related to the EU ETS.
Description: EU: Key legislations of Fit-for-55 package finally adopted
Publication date: May 17 2023
Tags - Aviation
India's airlines to start blending bio-aviation fuel or sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for international flights from 2027
Description: India: government decides to join CORSIA from 2027
Publication date: May 16 2023
Repsol announced the launch of pure hydrogenated vegetable oil in Spain and Portugal from early May 2023
Description: EU: Pure HVO available in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon
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