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Publication date: Nov 19 2018
EP proposed that bio-CNG/ LNG fuel as an topion to reduce CO2 from trucks
Description: EU: EP proposed bio-CNG/ LNG option to reduce CO2 from trucks
Publication date: Nov 15 2018
The minimum ethanol content of E27 gasoline grades RON 85 and RON 90 was raised from 17% to 24% v/v in June 2018
Description: Paraguay: minimum ethanol content in ethanol blends since June 2018
Publication date: Nov 13 2018
Turkmenistan is planning to start production of RON 92 gasoline grade with 10 ppm sulfur content in December 2018.
Description: Turkmenistan: production of low sulfur RON92 gasoline from natural gas at the end of...
Publication date: Nov 12 2018
The Malaysian government decided to postpone the implementation of Euro 4M or 50 ppm sulfur gasoline to January 2020, 15 months from the initial plan.
Description: Malaysia: 50 ppm Sulfur Gasoline Implementation Delayed to January 2020
Publication date: Nov 07 2018
France and Belgium allowed B10 sales since mid-2018
Description: EU: B10 sales allowed in Belgium and France
Publication date: Nov 07 2018
The new standard EN 15293:2018 replaces technical specifications EN CEN/TS 15293:2011.
Description: Europe: European Committee for Standardization Publishes New E85 Standard
Publication date: Nov 06 2018
Since March 2018, suppliers of liquid fuels are required to analyze the methanol content in fuel ethanol
Description: Brazil: legislation to curb methanol fraud in ethanol blends
Publication date: Nov 02 2018
The National Council of Energy Policy proposed a gradual increase of the national biodiesel mandate, up to 15% vol. in 2023.
Description: Brazil: proposed biodiesel mandate from 10% to 15% vol. in 2023
Publication date: Nov 01 2018
Beginning 2018, Uzbekistan opened its market to petroleum distributors that sell gasoline grades RON 95 and RON 98 with sulfur content of max 10 ppm
Description: Uzbekistan: High octane and low sulfur gasoline available from 2018
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