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Publication date: Dec 04 2019
New York State publishes notice of intent to update applicable diesel ASTM standards.
Description: U.S.: New York State to update applicable ASTM Diesel standard
Publication date: Nov 30 2019
Tags - Aviation
The new standard allows for the use of co-processed fatty acids.
Description: Global: UK releases the 11th version of Defence Standard for aviation turbine fuel
Publication date: Nov 27 2019
The Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission revealed that it will replace all taxis renewing their licenses with pure electric vehicles by 2021
Description: China: Electric Taxis to Replace Conventional Taxis in Beijing and other Cities
Publication date: Nov 25 2019
Tags - Biodiesel
The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) approved 72 million liters (72,000 m3) of pure biodiesel (B100) to be blended as B30 before...
Description: Indonesia: Nationwide B30 trial to start at the end of November 2019
Publication date: Nov 22 2019
Biofuels will be exempted from the GHG emissions charge under the upcoming Emission Trading Scheme
Description: Germany: Biofuels to Be Considered "Neutral" under the Fuel Emission...
Publication date: Nov 21 2019
Biodiesel and bioethanol noted in Turkey and North Macedonia
Description: Europe: Limited biofuel usage in the Balkans
Publication date: Nov 20 2019
Tags - Biodiesel
Diesel sample with 8.3% v/v biodiesel content was found in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Description: India: More than 8% v/v biodiesel found in one diesel sample taken in Visakhapatnam
Publication date: Nov 15 2019
Tags - Biodiesel
The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources released new B100 specifications on November 5, 2019 to enable higher biodiesel blends in the market.
Description: Indonesia: Gearing for B30 implementation, the government released new B100...