Join us for a live session with a discussion on the global fuel quality development and the impact of COVID-19 on fuels in different regions.
This webinar will highlight:
Current Global and Regional Fuel Quality Regulations
Global and Regional Actual Fuel Quality
Future Global and Regional Fuel Quality Regulations
Global and Regional Biofuels Mandate and Actual Biofuels in the Market
Regional Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Standards and Fuel Efficiency
COVID-19 and Its Effect on Fuel Quality
Language: English
Cost: No charge
Session 1
Wednesday, May 13, 2020
8:30AM, CEST / UTC+2h
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Session 2
Friday, May 15, 2020 - Link to session 2


Description: Aida Gonzalez Palomino
Market Analyst - Americas
Aida is the market analyst for Latin America and the Caribbean and Africa at SGS INSPIRE. She is an expert in energy and transport policy.
Description: Kristine Bitnere
Market Analyst - Europe & CIS
As a market analyst, Kristine Bitnere covers conventional and alternative fuel and automotive issues in Eastern Europe and exUSSR countries.
Description: Lucky Nurafiatin
Market Analyst - Asia Pacific
Nurafiatin brings almost 11 years of experience in policy analysis on fuel specifications, emissions, sustainability & alternative fuels to SGS.
Market Analyst - North America
Raphael covers North American fuel markets for SGS INSPIRE.
Description: Sammy El Takriti
Market Analyst
Sammy joined SGS INSPIRE in January 2018 as market analyst. He is an expert in alternative fuel policies and carbon markets.
Description: Urszula Szalkowska
Business Development Manager
Urszula is the Business Development Manager for the INSPIRE project. She is an expert in global fuel quality policies, regulations & market intelligence.

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