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Date: September 22, 2021 at 08:00 UTC
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Join our webinar to learn about biodiesel blending mandates in Asia in comparison with other countries
Southeast Asian countries currently implement the highest biodiesel mandates in world. These mandates are driven by the governments’ commitments to reduce their dependency on fuel imports by utilizing domestic resources. The region is the largest producer and exporter of palm and coconut oil. Thus, palm and coconut oil are currently used as the main feedstock for biodiesel production.
The restriction on palm oil products imposed in their traditional export markets may drive the governments to increase the blending percentage even higher than the currently implemented.
This webinar will look at the current and future biodiesel regulations and mandates in major countries in Southeast Asia.
This webinar will provide you with information on:
Global biodiesel mandates
Asia’s biodiesel regulations and market development
Current blending percentage
Trend to increase biodiesel blending percentage
Biodiesel usage in nonroad transportation sectors
The availability of feedstock to meet biodiesel mandates
Panel discussion with experts on Europe and Latin America market
Outlook for biodiesel in Europe
Outlook for biodiesel in Latin America
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Description: Aida Gonzalez Palomino
Project Manager, Market Analyst - Africa and Latin America
Aida is the market analyst for Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean at SGS INSPIRE.
Description: Dhanisha Juleemun
Market Analyst, Europe and Africa
Dhanisha is a market analyst at SGS INSPIRE, covering fuels and new energy trends in transport for Europe and Africa.
Description: Kristine Bitnere
Business Development Manager, SGS INSPIRE
She is an expert in fuel quality regulation and market analysis in relation to the EU, Balkan region and CIS
Description: Lucky Nurafiatin
Sales Manager, Market Analyst - Asia Pacific
Nurafiatin is the sales manager and market analyst for the Asia Pacific region.