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Publication date: Dec 22 2022
The government has announced its biodiesel supply allocation and published a new specification for pure biodiesel (B100), preparing for the...
Description: Indonesia: government to introduce B35 in 2023
Publication date: Dec 22 2022
In October 2022, the South Korea government announced plans to mandate the use of marine biofuel and SAF by 2025 and 2026 respectively, and new...
Description: Korea, Republic of: government plans to mandate the use of SAF and marine biofuel
Publication date: Dec 16 2022
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) meeting concluded with a push towards the implementation of cleaner fuels standards, such as low...
Description: Africa: UNEP updates and recommendations made for cleaner fuels
Publication date: Dec 16 2022
Tags - Hydrogen
In November 2022, the Beijing municipality set a new HRS target for 2025. Moreover, the government established a detailed development plan to support...
Description: China: Beijing sets new hydrogen refueling station target
Publication date: Dec 16 2022
Three companies are studying the feasibility of developing and operating a biofuel refinery in Malaysia. The parties also disclosed biofuel refinery...
Description: Malaysia: Eni, Euglena and Petronas plan to build a biofuel refinery
Publication date: Dec 16 2022
On December 21, 2022, SGS INSPIRE's experts will be presenting on "Best Practices for the Ocean-Borne Bulk Transportation of Fuel Ethanol".
Description: SGS_InSpire_Keyvisual_LR
Publication date: Dec 14 2022
Tags - Ethanol
Co-sponsored bill proposes an increased share of E10+ ethanol blends throughout the year.
Description: United States: bill to supply E10+ blends year-long nationwide
Publication date: Dec 09 2022
On December 5, 2022, the European Commission published a delegated Act to amend the list of feedstocks for Annex IX of RED II.
Description: EU: Proposed update of RED II biofuel feedstock list
Publication date: Dec 09 2022
South Korea's Ministry of Environment announced that grade 4 diesel vehicles will be included in the early scrappage subsidy program along with the...
Description: Korea, Republic of: vehicle scrappage subsidy to include grade 4 diesel vehicles...