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Publication date: Mar 12 2020
Tags - Ethanol
After two bidding rounds, supply of ethanol is still less than the requirements to meet the government's mandate.
Description: India: Lower Ethanol Blending Percentage is Expected in 2019-2020 than in 2018-2019
Publication date: Mar 11 2020
Standard NIS 116:2017 implementing 150 ppm gasoline in Nigeria has still not been enforced.
Description: Nigeria: delay in the implementation of 150 ppm gasoline
Publication date: Mar 09 2020
Tags - Ethanol
Consultation until April 19, 2020, about the E10 grade
Description: UK: Proposal for E10 from 2021
Publication date: Mar 04 2020
Transportation sector will be affected by the EU 2050 goal of carbon neutrality
Description: European Union: The Commission wants mandatory climate neutrality by 2050
Publication date: Mar 03 2020
Tags - Biodiesel
Biodiesel production in Argentina has decreased over the last two years.
Description: Argentina: 2019 biodiesel production has dropped for the second consecutive year
Publication date: Mar 03 2020
Higher taxes on Euro 3 and lower standard commercial and heavy duty vehicles expected from 2021
Description: Russia discusses ways to phase out old commercial vehicles
Publication date: Mar 03 2020
The decision by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn three small refinery exemptions continues to have knock-on effects in both the biofuels...
Description: U.S.: The EPA May Relent on SREs Due to Court Decision
Publication date: Mar 02 2020
Tags - Ethanol
A bill proposing to raise the existing ethanol mandate in Minnesota from the current E10 to E15, subject to some exemptions, was introduced in the...
Description: U.S.: Bill Increasing Ethanol Mandate to E15 in Minnesota Introduced
Publication date: Feb 27 2020
In September 2019, Rwanda released on-road and off-road vehicle emissions limits.