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Publication date: Dec 12 2018
SGS INSPIRE’s Lucky Nurafiatin, market and business analyst, will be speaking on “Regulations vs. Field Data: Managing Fuel Quality”...
Description: Global: SGS INSPIRE at SIAT 2019
Publication date: Dec 11 2018
EC started an anti-subsidy investigation against biodiesel imports from Indonesia
Description: Global: EU responds to the jump in biodiesel imports from Indonesia
Publication date: Dec 07 2018
EC published the GHG emission reduction strategy for 2050 that includes several scenarios for the transportation sector
Description: EU: EC published the GHG emission reduction strategy for 2050
Publication date: Dec 07 2018
Council of the EU, European Commission and the European Parliament fail to compromise on CO2 standards for cars and vans for the period 2021-2030
Description: EU: No success in the trialogue discussions on CO2 standards for cars and vans for...
Publication date: Dec 06 2018
EC proposed to impose AS duties on the Argentinean biodiesel that could reduce them while the imports from Indonesia continue to grow
Description: Global: EU might reduce Argentinean biodiesel imports but what about Indonesia?
Publication date: Dec 05 2018
On Nov. 29, 2018, the 2109 B100 quota allocation for biodiesel producers and oil marketing companies were announced by the Ministry of Energy and...
Description: Indonesia: 6.1 billion liters of B100 are set to be blended in 2019
Publication date: Nov 30 2018
In Costa Rica, the state-owned fuel supplier RECOPE announced it would start providing E10 gasoline from May 2019
Description: Costa Rica: E10 gasoline premium to be supplied from May 2019
Publication date: Nov 29 2018
The cabinet approved for B10 to start phasing in from Dec. 1, 2018 with full enforcement from Feb. 1, 2019.
Description: Malaysia: Update on B10 Implementation
Publication date: Nov 22 2018
Gasoline and diesel quality has declined in the past 3 years
Description: Trinidad and Tobago: observed increase in sulfur content
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