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Publication date: Feb 17 2022
CFS Bill passed in the state Senate but failed in the House of Representatives.
Description: U.S.: Clean Fuel Standard fails to pass in New Mexico
Publication date: Feb 16 2022
On February 3, 2022, a positive signal has been given to recognize 13 voluntary schemes for biofuel compliance certification by European Commission.
Description: EU: Voluntary and national certification schemes are expected to be approved by the...
Publication date: Feb 16 2022
Tags - Marine
MOL has successfully conducted a trial of B30 in a bunkering vessel in Japan.
Description: Japan: MOL successfully completes trials of biodiesel in its bunkering vessel
Publication date: Feb 15 2022
A SAF production plant (454 million liters per year) to be added to Marquis' Hennepin, IL industrial complex.
Description: U.S.: Marquis and LanzaJet enter into a SAF MOU
Publication date: Feb 14 2022
Sales of hydrogen enriched CNG have started in Indore as CNG for vehicles and piped natural gas for households.
Description: India: Pilot project to blend hydrogen with natural gas starts in Indore, Madhya...
Publication date: Feb 11 2022
Tags - Hydrogen
Jiading's government has announced subsidies to support the development of the hydrogen industry, including for hydrogen FCEV purchases, hydrogen fuel...
Description: China: Zhejiang’s Jiaxing city grants subsidies of CNY 100 million to the...
Publication date: Feb 10 2022
The DOE and DOT have issued a joint statement announcing the implementation plan for rollout of a USD 5 billion EV charging network.
Description: U.S.: Rollout of USD 5 billion EV charging network plan announced
Publication date: Feb 08 2022
Company Bunker One and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) have partnered to conduct trials of B7 in marine diesel.
Description: Brazil: Trials of B7 in marine diesel begin
Publication date: Feb 07 2022
The latest Defense Standard 91-091 for aviation turbine fuel has been published, on January 28, 2022, with key changes highlighted.
Description: Global: Final DEF STAN 91-091 Standard Issue 13 published