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Publication date: Feb 21 2019
EU sealed a provisional agreement on CO2 for trucks
Description: EU: Trialogue agreement on CO2 for trucks
Publication date: Feb 20 2019
The EC is preparing to recast the EU Fuel Quality Directive
Description: EU: Political decision awaited on fuel quality legislation
Publication date: Feb 18 2019
Finland sets mandates for advanced biofuels and fuel used in off-road sector
Description: Finland: 30% biofuels target set for 2030
Publication date: Feb 18 2019
Spain is finalizing the implementing measures required for biofuels' double counting enforcement
Description: Spain: Double counting rules for biofuels to start from January 1, 2019
Publication date: Feb 15 2019
The European Commission proposed the definitions for high/low ILUC risk biofuels. It will affect the types of feedstocks used for biofuels production...
Description: EU: European Commission proposed definitions for high/low ILUC risk biofuels
Publication date: Feb 11 2019
In Bolivia, gasoline RON 92 with ethanol blended at up to 12 %volume is available in gas stations since November 2018.
Description: Bolivia: gasoline RON 92 E12 on the market since November 2018
Publication date: Feb 11 2019
The government encourages the conversion of used cooking oil into biodiesel to also increase biodiesel supply. Biodiesel was found in more diesel...
Publication date: Feb 10 2019
Since January 1, 2019, new exhaust emissions limits apply to new agricultural machinery with a power between 19 and 75 kW.
Description: Brazil: new off-road exhaust emissions limits since January 2019
Publication date: Feb 07 2019
In Nicaragua, the refiner Puma Energy will upgrade its Managua Refinery to procude diesel with 500 ppm sulfur.
Description: Nicaragua: 500 ppm sulfur diesel to be produced from March 2019
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