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Publication date: Apr 04 2022
On December 14, 2021, the European Commission published a second package to support a sustainable and clean transport following 'Sustainable and Smart...
Description: EU: new proposals to create an efficient and sustainable transport system published
Publication date: Mar 30 2022
The Swedish government has announced a reduction for energy taxes on gasoline and diesel fuels, and a freeze on the 2023 life cycle GHG emission...
Description: EU: Sweden announces measures to tackle energy price increases, including an energy...
Publication date: Mar 30 2022
A new resolution establishes technical specifications for gasoline and gasohol for automotive use, for both premium and regular grades.
Description: Peru: new gasoline specifications issued
Publication date: Mar 30 2022
With current high fuel prices, the UK Chancellor announced a cut in fuel duty from March 23, 2022 to March 23, 2023 to support households and...
Description: UK: 2022-23 Fuel duty rates reduced to address high fuel prices
Publication date: Mar 29 2022
Tags - Biodiesel
The government has withdrawn the domestic market obligation and market price obligation from palm oil products and increased export levies.
Description: Indonesia: government to allow exports of CPO, RBD palm olein and UCO, subject to...
Publication date: Mar 28 2022
Beijing has announced eight action plans for the NEV and conventional vehicle industry to meet a 3% carbon emission reduction target, including...
Description: China: Beijing government aims to reduce carbon emissions by 3% by the end of 2022
Publication date: Mar 22 2022
Tags - Hydrogen
The Peruvian Hydrogen Association issued a roadmap and a legislative bill to promote green hydrogen.
Description: Peru: Green hydrogen strategy released
Publication date: Mar 16 2022
Tags - Ethanol
23 ethanol projects, which will use a range of feedstocks, are under construction.
Description: Brazil: 23 ethanol plants currently under construction
Publication date: Mar 16 2022
The government has announced plans to end the purchase subsidy for gas vehicles from 2024 and for hybrid electric vehicles from 2025/2026.
Description: South Korea: Subsidies for gas and hybrid electric vehicles to stop