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Publication date: Jul 23 2019
The production of up to 500 ppm diesel in Mexico is still ongoing and therefore the target of achieving 15 ppm diesel penetration nationwide has not...
Description: Mexico: Compliance with 15 ppm diesel nationwide not achieved yet
Publication date: Jul 17 2019
The development of electric vehicles in India has shifted the focus of the Indian government and put the methanol plan on the backseat, if not...
Description: India: Methanol Fuel Plan for Vehicles Abandoned
Publication date: Jul 17 2019
Biofuel blending legislation should ensure fuel quality monitoring
Description: Ukraine: Political discussion on biofuels' mandate restarted
Publication date: Jul 12 2019
Used cooking oil remains the most popular feedstock for biofuel
Description: Netherlands: Advanced biofuels on the rise
Publication date: Jul 11 2019
The Department of Commerce of the United States (U.S.) has reduced countervailing duties on biodiesel from Argentina, but maintains antidumping...
Description: UNITED STATES (U.S.): Department of Commerce decreases duties on biodiesel from...
Publication date: Jul 09 2019
Tags - Euro 5
The Thai government plans to switch to Euro 5 enabling diesel quality by 2023.
Description: Thailand: 10 ppm sulfur diesel by 2023
Publication date: Jul 09 2019
Turkmenistan unlikely to sell good quality fuel locally in the near future
Description: Turkmenistan: Low sulfur gasoline and diesel production launched
Publication date: Jul 09 2019
EPA has released new proposed RFS volumes for 2020 and biomass-based diesel volume for 2021.
Description: United States (U.S.): RFS volumes for 2020 released
Publication date: Jul 08 2019
Tags - China 6
Similar with Beijing, Shanghai city and Guangdong province implement the China 6B Emission Standard from July 1, 2019
Description: SGS_InSpire_Keyvisual_LR
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