The presentation of the webinar is accessible here.
The recorded webinar can be viewed here (session 2).
Join us for a live discussion on the status of hydrogen as fuel for road transport from the regulatory perspectives and the market dynamics in different regions and what we expect in the future.
In order to accommodate the different time zones, the webinar will be broadcast in 2 sessions:
June 28, 2022, 07:00 – 08.30 AM UTC (09:00 – 10:30 AM CET)
June 29, 2022, 01:00 – 02:30 PM UTC (09:00 – 10.30 AM EST)
This webinar will highlight:
Summary and regional hydrogen targets and regulations on road transport
Regional hydrogen market:
Hydrogen on road transport
Hydrogen refueling stations
Green hydrogen production capacity
Future development of hydrogen as transport fuel
Application in nonroad machinery
Application in nonroad transport
Question and answer
Language: English
Cost: Free
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Description: Aida Gonzalez Palomino
Chief Analyst, SGS INSPIRE
Aida is a chemical engineer and a senior expert in fuel quality, electricity, transport and energy related issues. She is based in Madrid and brings 16 years of experience in consulting, policy development and market analysis in Europe and Latin America.
Description: Chee Yin Lee
Market Analyst for Asia Pacific, SGS INSPIRE
Chee Yin Lee is a chemical engineer and expert focuses on fuel quality regulation, conventional & biofuels market, and transport policy.​
Based in Singapore, Chee Yin is a market analysis for Asia & Oceania region, mainly covering China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Description: Dhanisha Juleemun
Market Analyst for Europe and Africa, SGS INSPIRE
Dhanisha is SGS INSPIRE expert for the energy landscape in transport for Europe and Africa.​
Based in the UK, Dhanisha is a chemist by background, and have been actively working in the energy sector for transport for 12 years. She monitors and analyses policies related to the environment, air quality and climate change, industry and market developments in the EU and Africa. ​
Description: Lucky Nurafiatin
Senior Market Analyst for Asia Pacific, SGS INSPIRE
Based in Singapore, Lucky brings 15 years of experience in policy analysis on fuel specifications, emissions, sustainability and alternative fuels to SGS. ​
As a market analyst, she monitors and writes about the fuel market dynamics in Asia Pacific region. ​
Description: Urszula Szalkowska
Global Business Manager, Market Intelligence
Ula is an expert in global fuel quality regulations and market intelligence.