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Publication date: Dec 01 2023
Ecuador has presented, within the framework of its new Green Hydrogen Roadmap, a sustainable mobility project in Quito that plans to implement a mass...
Description: Ecuador: project to implement a mass public transport fleet based on green hydrogen
Publication date: Dec 01 2023
To help India reduce liquefied natural gas imports and achieve its greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, the government has set a compressed...
Description: India: government to mandate compressed biogas blending from FY 2025-26 and SAF from...
Publication date: Nov 30 2023
The Mauritanian government has announced progress in its hydrogen and natural gas projects, as well as its hydrogen roadmap.
Description: Mauritania: hydrogen and natural gas production plans
Publication date: Nov 27 2023
The Energy Community has recommended Serbia aligns its 2030 renewable and energy efficiency targets with theirs and prioritizes transition for a...
Description: Serbia: Energy Community advised to align National Energy and Climate Plan with set...