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Publication date: Feb 24 2021
Azerbaijan delays 10 mg/kg sulfur limit for gasoline and diesel
Description: Azerbaijan: Increase in LPG consumption due to high petroleum prices
Publication date: Feb 22 2021
Texas has temporarily waived requirements for oxygenated gasoline in El Paso County and low-emissions diesel in a 110-county area within the state.
Description: Texas issues emergency fuel waivers after winter storm
Publication date: Feb 19 2021
The Thai government has postponed its plan to make E20 the primary gasoline grade in the country from July 2021 until further notice and will stop B20...
Description: Thailand: Government to stop B20 sales and postpone E20 promotion
Publication date: Feb 18 2021
Tags - Diesel
The government to increase biodiesel mandate in stages from the current B3 to B5 by 2030, starting with B3.5 from July 2021.
Description: South Korea: to increase biodiesel blending to B3.5 from July 2021