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Publication date: Jan 05 2022
Tags - Gasoline
From January 1, 2022, Australia's maximum aromatics limit is reduced to 35% v/v. More ethanol may be blended to increase octane.
Description: Australia: More ethanol blending to increase octanes from January 1, 2022
Publication date: Jan 03 2022
Kolkata's public transportation sector (private and state owned) is to phase out diesel and run either on electricity, LPG or CNG by 2030.
Description: India: Kolkata to run all entire public transport on alternative fuels by 2030
Publication date: Dec 28 2021
Law introduces minimums of 5% v/v by July 2022, 10% v/v by July 2025 and 20% v/v by July 2030.
Description: U.S.: New York State to mandate blending of biomass-based diesel with heating oil
Publication date: Dec 27 2021
On December 15, 2021, the government published the final policy for its Sustainable Biofuels Mandate to be implemented in 2023-2025.
Description: New Zealand: Final Sustainable Biofuels Mandate policy published
Publication date: Dec 27 2021
Phillips 66 and British Airways have signed a multi-year agreement for the supply and use of sustainable aviation fuels in flights starting 2022.
Description: UK: SAF to power British Airways flights from early 2022
Publication date: Dec 23 2021
Tags - Vehicles
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency retained MY2023-2024 limits from its proposed rule, but made MY2025-2026 limits more stringent.
Description: U.S.: EPA finalizes new light-duty CAFE rule
Publication date: Dec 22 2021
Published on November 25, 2021, the Irish 'Renewable Fuels for Transport Policy Statements' indicate an increased biofuel targets and promote other...
Description: EU: Ireland's Department of Transport proposes plans to decarbonize the sector by...
Publication date: Dec 22 2021
Malaysia's first HVO production plant is expected to start commercial production in 2025-2026, mainly producing HVO and SAF.
Description: Malaysia: Malaysia announced to build 500,000 tonnes/year HVO production plant in...
Publication date: Dec 22 2021
From December 2021 to March 2022, all fuel stations in Thailand will sell only one grade of diesel - B7.
Description: Thailand: sales of B10 and B20 suspended until March 2022