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Publication date: Sep 17 2021
The government will implement Euro 5 equivalent emission standards for light- and heavy-duty vehicles from January 1, 2022.
Description: Vietnam: road to Euro 5 equivalent exhaust emission standards
Publication date: Sep 14 2021
Tags - Hydrogen
Hyundai has announced ambitious plans for hydrogen fuel cell application in commercial road vehicles by 2028.
Description: Global: Hyundai to offer fuel-cell powered commercial vehicles by 2028
Publication date: Sep 09 2021
Tags - Aviation
Pertamina is expected to continue its research of biomass-based aviation fuel blend up to 5% v/v.
Description: Indonesia: successful ground test of domestically produced biomass-based aviation...
Publication date: Sep 09 2021
Refineries in Pakistan are old and need to be upgraded. The new policy is expected to bring in investment needed by the industry.
Description: Pakistan: draft Oil Refining Policy 2021 submitted to the Cabinet
Publication date: Sep 09 2021
Tags - Gasoline
To comply with the blending mandates, biofuels suppliers and blenders will have to be accredited by the government
Description: Philippines: the government tightens reporting requirements for biofuels suppliers...
Publication date: Sep 07 2021
Tags - Diesel
The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) to approve changes to B10 standard in relation to flash point and density
Description: Europe: B10 standard under review
Publication date: Sep 07 2021
The efforts to develop hydrogen powered engines are supported by the EU and its member states' hydrogen deployment plans
Description: Europe: Deutz announces new hydrogen powered engines for off-road application as...
Publication date: Sep 07 2021
Tags - Hydrogen
A large number of California's stations rely on liquefied hydrogen sourced from a New Orleans plant.
Description: U.S.: Almost two-thirds of California's hydrogen stations closed in wake of...
Publication date: Sep 06 2021
The Shandong government aims to increase the renewable energy consumption and increase petroleum refining capacity.
Description: China: Shandong's Five-Year Plan promotes hydrogen, LNG and electrification of...