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Publication date: Oct 25 2019
Tags - diesel
Neste introduced pure HVO in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Description: European Union: Neste expands sales of pure HVO
Publication date: Oct 22 2019
The government of Argentina has published new resolution to update gasoline and diesel desulfurization plan.
Description: Argentina: Government delays fuel desulfurization plan
Publication date: Oct 22 2019
2019 SGS's fuel survey indicates high ethanol in some gasoline samples
Description: Moldova: unlabeled E10 gasoline grade in the market
Publication date: Oct 16 2019
High sulfur content, mislabelling, metallic additives
Description: EU: Most recent fuel survey indicates noncompliances in fuel quality
Publication date: Oct 15 2019
The most recent data from the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Namibia confirm that diesel 500 ppm has been completely phased out in 2019.
Description: Namibia: consumption data confirm diesel 500 ppm complete phase-out in 2019
Publication date: Oct 14 2019
The Mangalore Refining and Petrochemicals Ltd. (MRPL) has recently announced that it started producing BS VI gasoline and diesel compliant with IS...
Description: India: BS VI fuels to be available in Bengaluru from November 2019
Publication date: Oct 09 2019
Sugar production is decreasing in Brazil due to low export prices, which makes domestic ethanol production raise. The Chinese E10 mandate as of 2020...
Description: BRAZIL: sugar production decreases while ethanol production increases
Publication date: Oct 09 2019
High sulfur, methanol, ethanol and benzene content noted
Publication date: Oct 07 2019
Tags - Diesel
SGS sampling indicated 3 diesel samples with lubricity exceeding the limits from EN590
Description: Latvia: Diesel with off-spec lubricity
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