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Publication date: Sep 06 2021
Due to stoppages in biofuel producing plants, the Colombian government has again modified both ethanol and biodiesel blending mandates' schedules.
Description: Colombia: Biofuel mandates decreased due to COVID-19
Publication date: Sep 03 2021
The Ministry of Finance is expected to adjust the current purchase subsidy policy towards fuel cell electric vehicles from a direct subsidy to awards.
Description: China: Additional support measures announced for NEV development
Publication date: Sep 03 2021
The strategy promotes hydrogen use in road, aviation and marine sectors
Description: UK: Hydrogen strategy targets 5GW production capacity by 2030
Publication date: Sep 01 2021
RON 95 E10 (ethanol content up to 10% v/v) replaced RON 95 E5 grade across Great Britain.
Description: UK: E10 gasoline available at fuel stations from September 1, 2021
Publication date: Aug 31 2021
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Unleaded gasoline has became the only gasoline grade available on the Algerian market, which means total phase-out of lead worldwide.
Description: Algeria: The last country to phase out leaded gasoline from July, 2021
Publication date: Aug 31 2021
RVP limit for Louisiana and Mississippi temporarily raised to 11.5 psi (79.4 kPa).
Description: U.S.: EPA issues emergency fuel waiver in wake of Hurricane Ida
Publication date: Aug 30 2021
A total of 1,293.6 million liters of biodiesel (FAME) was sold to fulfill the B12 mandate for September and October 2021.
Description: Brazil: biodiesel consumption increased in September and October 2021
Publication date: Aug 30 2021
The project, if it goes forward, would be feature the largest renewable diesel plant in Canada.
Description: Canada: Imperial Oil announces integrated renewable diesel, hydrogen project
Publication date: Aug 30 2021
Europe's HVO production capacity to grow to 10 million tonnes by 2030.
Description: Europe: pure HVO available in nine European countries