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Publication date: May 21 2019
Tags - EthanolE10
From April 24, 2019, all gasoline sold in Zimbabwe must be blended with 10 %volume ethanol.
Description: Zimbabwe: E10 mandate since April 24, 2019
Publication date: May 16 2019
Ecuador publishes a draft revision of their vehicle exhaust emissions regulations for gasoline and diesel vehicles.
Publication date: May 14 2019
Romania introduces E10 gasoline grade
Description: Romania: E10 introduced at the beginning of 2019
Publication date: May 14 2019
Russia restarted discussions about CNG promotion
Description: Russia: CNG as an alterantive fuel
Publication date: May 13 2019
On May 7, 2019, Shanghai Jiushi Bus Group held the start-up ceremony of B5 utillization
Description: China: More than 2,000 buses in Shanghai run on biodiesel
Publication date: May 10 2019
Tags - Biodiesel
The Thai Ministry of Energy announced that it plans to make B10 available at the retail stations from the end of May 2019
Description: Thailand: The government plans to make B10 available in the market from end of May...
Publication date: May 08 2019
In April 2019, Rwanda released new national standards on vehicle exhaust emissions.
Description: Rwanda: new vehicle exhaust emissions limits
Publication date: May 08 2019
Approval of the legislation mandating biofuel use might be delayed
Description: Serbia: Draft legislation mandating biofuels
Publication date: May 02 2019
Draft East African Standards on diesel and gasoline quality were published in January 2019.
Description: East African Community: draft diesel and gasoline specifications
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