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Publication date: Jun 10 2022
Tags - Aviation
Malaysia Airlines, jointly with Neste and Petronas, has operated the first SAF-fueled passenger flight, using a 38% SAF blend, between Kuala Lumpur...
Description: Malaysia: Malaysia Airlines’ first passenger flight powered by SAF
Publication date: Jun 10 2022
Thailand's government has decided to reduce the price of gasoline and gasohol, and limit the price increase for diesel, to ease consumers' burden amid...
Description: Thailand: government reduces oil funds on E10 and increases subsidy for E20
Publication date: Jun 09 2022
On May 16, 2022, a Bill on emissions regulations applicable to heavy-duty vehicles, updating Supreme Decree Nº 55/1994, was submitted for public...
Description: Chile: draft resolution to implement Euro VI emissions regulations for heavy-duty...
Publication date: Jun 09 2022
On May 18, 2022, Spain transposed the EU Renewable Energy Directive of December 11, 2018 (RED II) into its national legislation.
Description: EU: Spain transposes RED II into its national legislation
Publication date: Jun 09 2022
On May 23, 2022, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released its Global Electric Vehicle (EV) Outlook 2022, which forecasts more than 20% sales...
Description: United States: IEA forecasts significant growth in EVs by 2030
Publication date: Jun 03 2022
Tags - Vehicles
On May 31, 2022, the Chinese government reduced vehicle purchase tax on certain passenger vehicles. Industry estimates it might bring forward up to 2...
Description: China: Vehicle purchase tax halved to encourage vehicle sales
Publication date: Jun 03 2022
Tags - Hydrogen
The government has set a target to produce 5 million tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030.
Description: India: government announces green hydrogen and green ammonia policies
Publication date: Jun 01 2022
Canada's government has announced several measures to diversify its energy matrix and reduce dependence on Russian oil.
Description: Canada: plan to diversify the energy matrix
Publication date: Jun 01 2022
The Environment committee supports the 2035 zero-emission road mobility objective, proposed by the European Commission for the new CO2 emission...
Description: EU: Fit-for-55 update - MEPs support CO2 emission standards for cars and vans