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Publication date: Jul 15 2020
Tags - Gasoline
Pilots’ association AOPA has filed numerous complaints about the quality of aviation gasoline in Brazil.
Description: Brazil: contamination of aviation gasoline detected
Publication date: Jul 15 2020
New gasoline and ethanol blend specifications will enter into force in Brazil in August.
Description: BRAZIL: New gasoline specifications are official in August
Publication date: Jul 15 2020
Tags - Diesel
Petrobras has started production of renewable diesel in its Repar refinery. The analysis of this fuel will contribute to the drafting of...
Description: SGS_InSpire_Keyvisual_LR
Publication date: Jul 15 2020
The government is discussing the new separate standards of gasoline with ethanol, likely to reduce the maximum limit from 10% v/v to 5% v/v.
Publication date: Jul 10 2020
Tags - Biodiesel
The amendments are related to the labeling, oxidation stability and co-processing
Description: Europe: Update on standards for B20 and B30 grades
Publication date: Jul 10 2020
Tags - Biodiesel
The updates are related to labeling and metallic additives
Description: Europe: Update on the standard for B10
Publication date: Jul 10 2020
Hydrogen usage in road transport could be activated from 2025
Description: European Union: The Commission proposes a strategy promoting hydrogen production and...
Publication date: Jul 08 2020
Sustainable clean fuels prioritized for heavy duty vehicles, aviation and maritime sectors
Description: European Union: electrification and hydrogen at the core of the EU strategy to...
Publication date: Jul 07 2020
European Commission's webinar addresses study researching potential changes to the Fuel Quality Directive
Description: European Union: Fuel Quality Directive under review