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Publication date: Jun 04 2020
Ethanol production is on the rebound, despite disappointing demand for industrial-grade product. That said, the issue of SREs appears subject to more...
Description: COVID-19/U.S.: Ethanol sector recovering, but SRE issue still looms
Publication date: Jun 03 2020
The Government intends to expand the supply of Gasoline Special Plus, a gasoline grade introduced in 2019, with octane RON 87 and a content of 8 %v/v...
Publication date: Jun 03 2020
Increase in the subsidies for electric cars and conversion of conventional cars
Description: COVID-19/France: EUR 8 billion support for the automotive sector
Publication date: Jun 03 2020
EPA released a study estimating marginally negative impacts on air quality from RFS-required biofuel consumption; biofuel producers criticized the...
Description: U.S.: EPA completes RFS anti-back-sliding study, but methodology criticized
Publication date: Jun 02 2020
The adoption of East African Standards on diesel and gasoline quality and vehicle exhaust emissions is postponed.
Description: COVID-19/Burundi: Adoption of East African Standards postponed
Publication date: May 27 2020
Transport and renewable energy among key sectors for funding
Description: COVID-19/EU: Green Recovery Funding Proposed
Publication date: May 25 2020
Additional sustainability requirements for biofuels to be proposed in 2021
Description: European Union: EC to work on tighter sustainability standards for forestry and high...
Publication date: May 20 2020
Tags - gasoline
Sales of winter gasoline grade allowed for a longer period in most of the countries
Description: COVID-19/EU: Many Member States apply derogation for sales of winter grade gasoline