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Publication date: Jul 08 2021
Panama has issued a bill to reform Law 42 of 2011 to implement the use of anhydrous ethanol as oxygenate in gasoline and establish an ethanol...
Description: Panama: New bill to implement ethanol blend mandate
Publication date: Jul 07 2021
The Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid and) Electric vehicles in India (FAME India) scheme is extended to March 31, 2024.
Description: India: Government extends electric vehicle scheme to 2024
Publication date: Jul 06 2021
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Draft EU legislation banning the use of Tetraethyllead under REACH regulation, is under consultation.
Description: EU: Ban of the use of tetra ethyl lead
Publication date: Jul 06 2021
Over 40% of total units are registered in California.
Description: U.S.: Country's BEV fleet surpasses 1 million
Publication date: Jul 06 2021
Decision could worsen E15's long-term prospects.
Description: U.S.: D.C. Court of Appeals overturns E15 1-psi waiver
Publication date: Jul 06 2021
Bill would explicitly limit SREs to those refineries who have managed to obtain them in every preceding year.
Description: U.S.: Proposal seeks to narrow basis for future SREs
Publication date: Jul 05 2021
Total started HVO100 sales already in June, 2021
Description: Belgium: Neste Oil starts distributing HVO 100
Publication date: Jul 02 2021
Growth in solar and wind energy consumption contributed materially.
Description: U.S.: Renewable energy consumption rose to 12.5% of last year's total
Publication date: Jul 01 2021
Six refineries closed, leading to a loss of 850,000 bpd in capacity.
Description: U.S.: Refining capacity has declined, per EIA data