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Publication date: Oct 29 2021
Description: SGS INSPIRE ニュースレター
Publication date: Oct 28 2021
Numerous project trials and plans are being implemented for the use of biofuels in the marine sector across Europe.
Description: EU: successful trials of biofuels to decarbonize the marine sector
Publication date: Oct 28 2021
The use of gasoline with high ethanol content in BS VI engines may result in the engine not meeting BS VI emission standards.
Description: India: government wants BS IV emission standards for FFV to facilitate higher...
Publication date: Oct 28 2021
Tags - Biodiesel
The government plans to continue the B20 roll-out in 2022 and introduce B30 in 2025.
Description: Malaysia: B30 to be introduced at the end of 2025
Publication date: Oct 28 2021
ADM will supply 900 million gallons of ethanol to Gevo for production of SAF and other renewables, such as isobutanol.
Description: U.S.: ADM and Gevo announce joint SAF agreement
Publication date: Oct 27 2021
Description: China:...
Publication date: Oct 27 2021
Description: Indonesia:...
Publication date: Oct 26 2021
As of January 2022 biodiesel auctions will finish. The last auction saw the price reach almost R$6.
Description: Brazil: last biodiesel auction beats price record