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Publication date: Jan 27 2023
The Viet Nam government is to implement the latest fuel specifications adding Euro 5-enabling fuels standards into the existing specification that...
Description: Viet Nam: Euro 5 fuel specifications to be implemented from February 1, 2023
Publication date: Jan 23 2023
Tags - Ethanol
The trade of ethanol from Brazil to the European Union reached record levels during 2022.
Description: Brazil: ethanol exports to EU at highest level for more than 11 years
Publication date: Jan 20 2023
A batch 1 refined petroleum export quota of 19 million tonnes, and a batch 2 crude petroleum import quota of 111.8 million tonnes have been issued in...
Description: China: new quotas for refined petroleum exports and crude petroleum imports
Publication date: Jan 19 2023
From April 1, 2022, a reduced excise fuel duty rate on diesel used in off-road purposes (excepting machines) was applied.
Description: UK: Off-road biofuel promoted
Publication date: Jan 18 2023
Serbia's Ministry of Environmental Protection announced that In 2023, a budget of USD 2.13 million will be subsidized for the purchase of EVs and HVs.
Description: Serbia: Government launches subsidies for the purchase of alternative vehicles in...
Publication date: Jan 17 2023
Tags - Ethanol
METI proposes to keep the annual target for biofuels in transport at 500 million liters of crude oil equvalent until 2027.
Description: Japan: annual biofuels in transport target to be kept in 2023-2027
Publication date: Jan 13 2023
Tags - Gasoline
In early January 2023, several industrial information sources report that all fuel stations have been upgraded and are able to provide China VIB...
Description: China: China VIB gasoline is ready in all fuel stations nationwide
Publication date: Jan 13 2023
South Korea's government announced new policy to boost the hydrogen industry. These directions include 30,000 hydrogen CVs and 70 liquid hydrogen...
Description: Korea, Republic of: push for hydrogen industry with 2030 target of 30,000 CV on the...
Publication date: Jan 09 2023
Tags - Gasoline
Peru's Ministry of Energy and Mines has published a Supreme Decree that modifies the deadlines of adequacy for the implementation of the...
Description: Peru: gasoline commercialization deadlines modified