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Publication date: Apr 03 2020
The government decided to continue with B30 at least until end of 2020 but B40 trial will have to wait.
Description: Covid-19 / Indonesia: B30 continues despite slump in crude oil price and slow...
Publication date: Apr 01 2020
COVID-19's impact on fuel demand is growing, especially in the case of Otto fuels.
Description: COVID-19 / U.S.: demand for gasoline dropped
Publication date: Apr 01 2020
Ethanol fundamentals take a dive as COVID-19 keeps people in homes and out of the road.
Description: SGS_InSpire_Keyvisual_LR
Publication date: Apr 01 2020
Passenger vehicle traffic and air travel plummeted in the aftermath of COVID-19, but freight traffic showed resilience.
Description: SGS_InSpire_Keyvisual_LR
Publication date: Mar 30 2020
EPA decided to abandon 10th Circuit Court appeal, but will not seek to rescind past exemptions.
Description: EPA abandons court appeal, will extend RFS deadline
Publication date: Mar 30 2020
EPA is seeking to forestall potential supply disruptions by relaxing transition onto summer-grade gasoline.
Description: U.S.: EPA issues temporary gasoline waiver in response to COVID-19
Publication date: Mar 26 2020
Tags - Methanol
The government's promotion switched from low- to high-methanol blends or pure methanol to increase energy security.
Publication date: Mar 26 2020
Price indicators (forward-looking by nature) have already plummeted, but data on fundamentals--which tend to show a lag--are not yet displaying the...
Description: U.S.: Data on fuel fundamentals still lag events on the ground
Publication date: Mar 25 2020
Could the aviation sector take away feedstock initially destined for road transport?
Description: EU discusses sustainable aviation fuels