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Publication date: Jul 04 2019
EU-Mercosur trade agreement will progressively eliminate export duties from both groups of countries.
Description: EU-Mercosur trade agreement to eliminate duties on ethanol
Publication date: Jul 03 2019
Beijing plans to implement China 6 emissions standards from July 1, 2019, ahead of the national plans to significantly reduce air pollution in the...
Description: China: Beijing starts implementing China 6B Emissions Standard from July 1, 2019
Publication date: Jun 28 2019
Nordic countries will promote biofuels to reduce GHG emissions from aviation
Description: Finland, Sweden and Norway: GHG emission reduction target for the aviation sector
Publication date: Jun 26 2019
The Hebei provincial government announced that refueling stations must sell E10 gasoline from December 2019.
Description: China: Hebei Province to phase out conventional gasoline (E0) by end of 2019
Publication date: Jun 24 2019
Colombia published recently two bills to permanently increase the biodiesel blend mandate to B12 and to improve diesel and biodiesel fuel quality.
Description: Colombia: Projects to introduce B12 permanently and to improve biodiesel and diesel...
Publication date: Jun 19 2019
Proposal to allow sales of only electric vehicles after 2030 is now with the Cabinet.
Description: India: Plans to only allow sales of electric vehicles in the country post 2030
Publication date: Jun 17 2019
A bill to continue promotion of biofuels in Argentina has been registered.
Publication date: Jun 17 2019
A draft update of the standard on LPG specifications was published in June 2019.
Description: Uganda: new specifications for liquefied petroleum gases
Publication date: Jun 12 2019
High organic chloride levels were detected in crude oil from Russia.
Description: Europe/Russia: chloride contamination of crude oil in Druzhba pipeline
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