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Publication date: Aug 20 2018
50 ppm sulfur gasoline is sold in 23 out of 37 provinces in Indonesia. 50 ppm sulfur diesel will only be available by 2021.
Description: Indonesia: Euro 4 Equivalent Emissions Standards and Availability of Respective Fuel...
Publication date: Aug 16 2018
To understand new challenges for the domestic market and the implications on global oil flows, SGS organised the first International Summit in Nanjing...
Description: China: SGS Organised The First International Petroleum Market And Retail Industry Su...
Publication date: Aug 09 2018
On June 23, 2018, Technical Regulation (TR) 931/2017 on the requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel, and marine fuel, jet fuel,...
Description: Uzbekistan: Fuel Quality Legislation Came into Force
Publication date: Jul 31 2018
In June 2018, a federal tribunal revoked an injunction against the increase in the maximum ethanol content from 5.8 %v/v to 10 %v/v.
Description: Mexico: E10 gasoline allowed since June 2018
Publication date: Jul 30 2018
SGS noted TAEE usage in gasoline sold in Germany since the mid 2016.
Description: Germany: TAEE noted in gasoline
Publication date: Jul 30 2018
High sulfur diesel and gasoline still available in the first half of 2018 despite the introduction of 50 ppm regulatory limit from Jan.1, 2018.
Description: Kazakhstan: 50 ppm sulfur limit for road fuel
Publication date: Jul 27 2018
The ethanol content was raised from 25% to 27% v/v for two grades of automotive gasoline.
Description: Paraguay: E27 available from May 2018 for two gasoline grades
Publication date: Jul 26 2018
Iraq has published a specification for unleaded gasoline in December 2017. SGS survey reveals that unleaded gasoline was already on the market since...
Description: Iraq: new regulation on unleaded gasoline enforced ahead of time
Publication date: Jul 20 2018
The government recently announced the speed up of B30 implementation in the transportation sector to 2019, one year ahead of the original target of...
Description: Indonesia: To speed up the implementation of B30
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