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Publication date: Jun 04 2018
Update on the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) negotiations
Description: EU: Update on RED II negotiations
Publication date: Jun 04 2018
At the end of last year, the government announced changes in the Engine Fuel Specifications Regulations 2011 (2011/352) under the Engine Fuel...
Description: New Zealand: Changes in Fuel Quality, Adding Flexibility to Enhance Security of Supp...
Publication date: Jun 01 2018
Archived date:Sep 01 2018
Bolivia has started to produce fuel ethanol from sugar cane in May 2018, effectively starting its biofuel programme.
Description: Bolivia: first production of ethanol fuel
Publication date: May 25 2018
ENOC started selling B5 to bulk customers in Dubai, fueling trucks and heavy construction equipment. A pilot project with Dubai Municipality is...
Description: UAE: Biodiesel5 Pilot Project in Dubai
Publication date: May 23 2018
Tags - Sulfur
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation announced that the first imports of 50 ppm diesel will start in July 2018.
Description: Nigeria: First imports of 50 ppm diesel expected in July 2018
Publication date: May 22 2018
A proposal to introduce B10 diesel grade in France
Description: France to introduce B10 diesel grade
Publication date: May 18 2018
In Colombia, biofuels mandate have been raised to 10% for ethanol and biodiesel, since March 1, 2018.
Description: Colombia: ethanol and biodiesel mandates raised to 10% since March 1, 2018.
Publication date: May 09 2018
EC is researching a new substance to replace current Solvent Yellow 124 used as “Euromarker”.
Description: EU: EC to replace Solvent Yellow 124 with a more efficient fiscal marker
Publication date: May 09 2018
European Commission started a consultation procedure about the Energy Taxation Directive 2003/96/EC
Description: EU: Evaluation of the Energy Taxation Directive
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