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Publication date: Oct 19 2018
On August 28, 2018, the state-owned company Petrotrin announced the closure of its operations in the only refinery in the country on November 30.
Description: Trinidad and Tobago: state-owned refinery Petrotrin to close in November 2018
Publication date: Oct 16 2018
Beginning of 2018, SOCAR announced modernization of Baku Oil Refinery to enlarge production volumes and reduce sulfur to 10 ppm in gasoline and diesel
Description: Azerbaijan: Fuel quality to improve from 2021
Publication date: Oct 12 2018
A backward move from the Philippines government to allow sales of 500 ppm sulfur fuels after switching to 50 ppm sulfur fuels in January 2016
Description: Philippines: Government to allow sales of 500 ppm sulfur fuels to reduce inflation
Publication date: Oct 11 2018
The Energy Regulatory Commission announced it is considering to approve the sale of E10 nationwide
Description: Mexico: E10 gasoline could be allowed nationwide
Publication date: Oct 10 2018
Beginning 2018, Italian company Eni reconfirmed its cooperation with Italian-American FCA on research and development of gasoline blended with M15 E5.
Description: Global: ENI and FCA agreement on M15E5 blend R&D
Publication date: Oct 10 2018
Russian gasoline market will experience a slow increase in demand for higher octane gasoline grades
Description: Russia: Slowly Increasing Demand for Higher Octane and Low Sulfur Fuels
Publication date: Oct 05 2018
Kazakhstan aims to complete refinery upgrade by the end of this year and export fuel after Russia gives the "green light".
Publication date: Oct 05 2018
From Aug.12, 2019, fuels produced in Kyrgyzstan and imported into the country should be certified according to the Eurasian Economic Union’s...
Description: Kyrgyzstan: to require 50 ppm sulfur limit for fuels from August 2019
Publication date: Oct 04 2018
SGS Inspire has received the first draft standards for diesel and gasoline in Belize.
Description: Belize: first ever national fuel standards to be published later in the year
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