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Publication date: Oct 09 2019
High sulfur, methanol, ethanol and benzene content noted
Publication date: Oct 07 2019
Tags - Diesel
SGS sampling indicated 3 diesel samples with lubricity exceeding the limits from EN590
Description: Latvia: Diesel with off-spec lubricity
Publication date: Oct 03 2019
The government's plan to expand E10 mandate to cover nationwide by January 2020 seems pessimistic due to lack of fuel ethanol supply.
Description: China: E10 Nationwide Implementation from January 2020 is Unrealistic
Publication date: Oct 03 2019
The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has recently announced partial results of B30 road test.
Description: Indonesia: B30 implementation by January 2020 is highly likely to be on time
Publication date: Sep 26 2019
From July 1, 2019, diesel sold in Singapore can contain up to 7% v/v of biodiesel.
Description: Singapore: Up to 7% v/v biodiesel is allowed but no intention to mandate biodiesel...
Publication date: Sep 24 2019
The Government of Colombia has decided to decrease its biodiesel blend mandate due to low biodiesel stocks.
Description: COLOMBIA: Decrease in biodiesel blend mandate
Publication date: Sep 23 2019
Germany presents CO2 reduction measures for the transportation sector
Description: Germany: 2030 GHG emission reduction plan unveiled
Publication date: Sep 20 2019
China's CNPC finished construction of a new oil refinery in Tajikistan
Description: Tajikistan: a new oil refinery in Dangara
Publication date: Sep 18 2019
In the 2019 summer sampling, one diesel sample with more than 10% vol. of biodiesel content was found.
Description: China: More than 10% vol. of biodiesel found in one diesel sample taken in Yinchuan