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Publication date: Feb 12 2020
On February 11, 2020, APROBI announced that it will start laboratory trial of B40 from March 2020, two months delay from the original plan in January...
Description: Indonesia: Lab trials of B40 to start in March 2020, two months delay from the...
Publication date: Feb 11 2020
A meeting of ECOWAS governments set up plans to harmonize 50 ppm sulfur fuel standards and implement Euro 4/IV emissions standards as of January 2021.
Description: ECOWAS: Implementation of 50 ppm sulfur fuels and Euro 4/IV emissions standards
Publication date: Feb 10 2020
RON95 E10 mandatory in Latvia and Lithuania from beginning of 2020
Description: Europe: E10 in Latvia and Lithuania from beginning of 2020
Publication date: Feb 05 2020
The government of Jordan reduced the maximum limit of sulfur in gasoline from 50 mg/kg to 10 mg/kg effectively from January 1, 2020.
Description: Jordan: Maximum of 10 mg/kg sulfur in gasoline from January 1, 2020
Publication date: Feb 04 2020
Recent releases by CARB and Valero showed robust HVO consumption, even as the P66/REG JV opted to cancel the Ferndale project.
Description: U.S.: HVO momentum strong despite P66/REG Ferndale cancellation
Publication date: Jan 30 2020
The Ministry of Energy announced that B10 will replace the current B7 as the main grade from March 2020 and E20 will replace E10 as the main grade...
Description: Thailand: B10 nationwide from March and phase out of E10 from September 2020
Publication date: Jan 29 2020
ANP published results of 2019 Fuel Quality Monitoring System in Brazil and plans implementation of a new system for 2020.
Description: Brazil: positive results of the Fuel Quality Monitoring Program in 2019
Publication date: Jan 29 2020
The study will address several aspects of the fuel quality legislation in the EU
Description: Europe: European Commission will update the Fuel Quality Directive
Publication date: Jan 23 2020
Belgium limits biofuels produced from feedstocks competing with food production and sets a target for advanced fuels
Description: Belgium: Biofuel mandate increased from 8.5% to 9.6 %