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Publication date: Aug 06 2020
Tags - aviation
Blending mandate considered as the potential measure to promote the SAF
Description: European Union: The EC moves on with sustainable aviation fuel promotion...
Publication date: Aug 05 2020
A consortium has analysed the current and potential feedstocks to be double counted toward the renewable energy target for transport.
Description: European Union: Non-food/feed feedstocks shortlisted for the RED II, Annex IX
Publication date: Aug 04 2020
BMU aligns the proposals with the national legislation and introduces a 6.5% cap for conventional biofuels counted as zero life cycle GHG emissions
Description: Germany: BMU proposed the implementing legislation for the Fuel Emissions Trading...
Publication date: Jul 31 2020
Tags - Diesel
ANP opens public consultation to establish renewable diesel specifications in Brazil, which was delayed from March due to COVID-19.
Description: BRAZIL: ANP launches public consultation on draft specifications for renewable...
Publication date: Jul 29 2020
Two diesel samples did not meet the minimum standards of flash point and cetane number.
Publication date: Jul 22 2020
The Pakistani government decided to only allow imports of 10 mg/kg sulfur gasoline and diesel from August 2020 and January 2021, respectively
Description: Pakistan: To Import 10 mg/kg Sulfur Fuels from August 2020
Publication date: Jul 21 2020
The updates are related to modifications on text passages and indication of water content
Description: Europe: Update on the standard for Paraffinic diesel fuel
Publication date: Jul 20 2020
B15 sold at 10 fuel stations in Portugal
Description: SGS_InSpire_Keyvisual_LR
Publication date: Jul 20 2020
Tags - vehicles
Limited progress on the EVs uptake in Poland
Description: Poland: Subsidies for EVs scaled down by 50%