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Publication date: Oct 14 2020
Fuel demand in Brazil is recovering, Mexico has delayed introduction of the Euro VI heavy-duty vehicle emissions standards and Colombia expects a drop...
Publication date: Oct 13 2020
Bioethanol experienced around 37% drop in demand in April 2020 compared to April 2019.
Description: COVID-19/Germany: Fuel demand recovers in July and August after 60% drop in April,...
Publication date: Oct 13 2020
Sales of new cars decreased, slow recovery expected until 2021.
Description: COVID-19/Russia: demand for gasoline drops in 2020, diesel unaffected
Publication date: Oct 13 2020
It is unlikely that sales of the newly introduced RON 95 E10 will reach their full potential in 2020.
Description: COVID-19/Spain: biofuel demand recovers slowly after 80% drop in April 2020 versus...
Publication date: Oct 09 2020
JEC published the updated version of the WTW analysis for fossil and alternative fuels. Join their webinar on October 21, 2020
Description: European Union: Updated Well To Wheel study
Publication date: Oct 08 2020
A difficult discussion with the EU member states expected about the EU Climate Law.
Description: European Union: European Parliament asks for 60% GHG emission reduction by 2030
Publication date: Oct 06 2020
The EP also approved a proposal to include the maritime sector in the EU ETS and to expand the emissions coverage.
Description: European Union: EP approves target to reduce CO2 from ships traveling in the EU by...
Publication date: Oct 05 2020
Despite a challenging environment, the U.S. ethanol industry has increased capacity by 510 MMgal/year in 2020.
Description: U.S.: Despite challenges, ethanol capacity up again in 2020
Publication date: Oct 05 2020
U.S.: EPA delays Tier 4 for high-energy-density marine diesel engines due to lack of available supply
Description: U.S.: EPA delays Tier 4 for high-speed marine diesel engines