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Publication date: Dec 19 2019
House of Representatives passes, among a slew of other measures, extensions of tax credits on renewable diesel and biodiesel.
Description: U.S.: House extends biodiesel, renewable diesel tax credits
Publication date: Dec 18 2019
The new government has increased export duties on many agricultural products including soy oil and biodiesel.
Description: Argentina: increase of export duties on soybean, soy oil and biodiesel
Publication date: Dec 18 2019
Two chambers of the German parliament achieved a compromise on the climate package including the price for CO2.
Description: Germany: CO2 price to be set at 25 EUR/tonne from 2021
Publication date: Dec 17 2019
"E85 kit regulation" helps advance conversion of the vehicles
Description: France: E85 consumption record high
Publication date: Dec 16 2019
Egypt has already started the production of 10 ppm diesel in its new refinery.
Description: Egypt: New refinery produces 10 ppm fuels
Publication date: Dec 16 2019
EU imposes countervailing duties, Indonesia submits a complaint to the WTO
Description: Global: EU - Indonesia battle over biodiesel continues
Publication date: Dec 16 2019
The Indonesian government is looking to the possibility of mandating B40 in 2021/2022 to further reduce diesel imports and absorb palm oil production.
Description: Indonesia: Government may revise biodiesel mandate, increasing to B40 in 2021/2022
Publication date: Dec 12 2019
Euro 4 will be likely introduced from 2021
Description: Georgia: 10 ppm limit for sulfur in diesel from 2021
Publication date: Dec 10 2019
Recent developments—new pathway applications, investment announcements and published renewable fuel mandate compliance data—suggest that...
Description: U.S.: Renewable diesel gaining momentum in West Coast