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Publication date: Dec 10 2021
Description: U.S.:...
Publication date: Dec 09 2021
2020 and 2021 RVOs would entail declines compared to 2019 RVO.
Description: U.S.: EPA issues proposal for 2020-22 RVOs, denial of SREs
Publication date: Dec 08 2021
Tags - Aviation
Trials and study to determine the requirements for the country and industry to achieve net zero carbon emissions in the future
Description: Singapore: Pilot on sustainable aviation fuel and study on hydrogen aviation fuel to...
Publication date: Dec 08 2021
PTT plans to increase the number of EV charging stations to 300 stations and Energy Absolute plans for 1,600 stations by 2022
Description: Thailand: 1,900 EV charging stations to be installed by PTT and Energy Absolute in...
Publication date: Dec 07 2021
Regulation postpones new emissions limits by up to three and half years due to insufficient supply of ULSD.
Description: Mexico: Delay in stricter heavy-duty diesel vehicle emissions made official
Publication date: Dec 07 2021
Tags - Vehicles
Fuel efficiency gains were offset by increases in average vehicle weight, horsepower and acceleration.
Description: U.S.: Vehicle fuel economy remained flat among MY2021 vehicles
Publication date: Dec 03 2021
Compared to second batch export quotas, the third batch of refined petroleum and LSFO export quotas have decreased by 91.9% and 66.7%, respectively.
Description: China: Third batch of export quotas for refined petroleum and low sulfur marine fuel...
Publication date: Dec 03 2021
According to latest official report, the supply of bio-based diesel keeps increasing in Sweden, with HVO representing the main driver.
Description: EU: Sweden sees strong demand for HVO in Q3 2021
Publication date: Dec 03 2021
Description: India:...