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Publication date: May 30 2022
Tags - Vehicles
The new regulation has been introduced in response to sanctions placed on Russia as result of the war in Ukraine
Description: CIS: The EAEC adopted a Technical Regulation that allows the production of...
Publication date: May 27 2022
Tags - Diesel
Thailand's Cabinet has decided to continue its diesel excise tax reduction, to help stabilize retail prices.
Description: Thailand: Cabinet decides to continue its reduced diesel excise tax until July 2022
Publication date: May 27 2022
Since November 2021, the government has reduced the biodiesel blend ratio, which caused a 40% drop in biodiesel consumption and impacted development...
Description: Thailand: TBPA asks the government stop reducing the biodiesel blend ratio
Publication date: May 23 2022
On May 18, 2022, the European Commission increased the target for renewables for 2030, as part of the REpowerEU plan to end dependency on Russian...
Description: EU: the EC increases the RED III renewable energy share target from 40% to 45%
Publication date: May 20 2022
Sinopec is preparing to commercially produce SAF in its Sinopec Zhenghai refinery using UCO as feedstock, with production capacity of 100,000...
Description: China: SAF to be commercially produced in China
Publication date: May 20 2022
Tags - Diesel
Korean refiners are blending B2 instead of B3.5 amid high biodiesel prices.
Description: Korea, Republic of: refiners mostly blend B2 amid high biodiesel prices
Publication date: May 18 2022
Tags - Ethanol
Production of cellulosic ethanol (second generation or E2G) will be well established in 2031, and corn ethanol will reach more than 50 producing...
Description: Brazil: new corn and second generation ethanol producing plants planned
Publication date: May 18 2022
Tags - Biodiesel
In response to the cooking oil crisis, the government has announced a ban on exports of CPO, RPO, RBD palm olein, POME and UCO from April 28, 2022.
Description: Indonesia: palm oil exports banned from April 28, 2022
Publication date: May 13 2022
Following publication of new draft standards in 2021, they were approved on January 6, 2022 and are currently being implemented across EU member...
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