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Publication date: Jan 13 2020
The Energy Regulatory Commission delays diesel desulfurization plan in the whole country to the end of 2024.
Description: Mexico: Delay in Diesel Desulfurization Plan
Publication date: Jan 07 2020
The government approved the establishment of 2,636 EVSE across the country under phase II FAME-INDIA.
Publication date: Jan 06 2020
Tags - Biofuels
Refiners continue to challenge RFS provisions in court.
Description: U.S.: Legal challenges to RFS continue
Publication date: Jan 02 2020
The Chinese government aimed to mandate E10 (10% v/v ethanol blended with 90% v/v conventional gasoline) nationwide from January 1, 2020 mainly to...
Description: China: Status of Ethanol Blended Gasoline, the Government may Reduce the Blend...
Publication date: Dec 27 2019
The EPA enacted final 2020 volume obligations under the RFS, but the issue of small refinery exemptions remains unaddressed.
Description: U.S.: EPA final 2020 RVO enacted, but SRE issue unaddressed
Publication date: Dec 19 2019
House of Representatives passes, among a slew of other measures, extensions of tax credits on renewable diesel and biodiesel.
Description: U.S.: House extends biodiesel, renewable diesel tax credits
Publication date: Dec 18 2019
The new government has increased export duties on many agricultural products including soy oil and biodiesel.
Description: Argentina: increase of export duties on soybean, soy oil and biodiesel
Publication date: Dec 18 2019
Two chambers of the German parliament achieved a compromise on the climate package including the price for CO2.
Description: Germany: CO2 price to be set at 25 EUR/tonne from 2021
Publication date: Dec 17 2019
"E85 kit regulation" helps advance conversion of the vehicles
Description: France: E85 consumption record high