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Publication date: Aug 02 2021
2% blending mandate for SAF could apply as from 2025
Description: EU: Proposed ‘ReFuelEU Aviation’ sets a blending mandate for SAF
Publication date: Aug 02 2021
The Mexican government is planning to update fuel specifications and implement stricter monitoring of fuels quality.
Description: Mexico: government planning to update fuel specifications
Publication date: Jul 30 2021
Pertamina confirms the supply of diesel/biodiesel blend with a maximum sulfur limit of 50 mg/kg across the country from April 1, 2022.
Description: Indonesia: Biodiesel blend with 50 mg/kg maximum sulfur content on the market by...
Publication date: Jul 29 2021
New gasoline and diesel standards will be implemented from December 1, 2021.
Description: China: Beijing releases new gasoline and diesel standards
Publication date: Jul 27 2021
Facility would have capacity for 14,000 bpd of renewable diesel and SAF by mid-2022.
Description: Canada: Possible conversion of Come-by-Chance refinery to renewables
Publication date: Jul 27 2021
EC encourages using voluntary schemes having preliminary EC approval
Description: EU: No officially recognized voluntary schemes for biofuel sustainability...
Publication date: Jul 23 2021
New targets for advanced biofuels, renewable energy share target replaced with life cycle GHG emission reduction target
Description: EU: Proposed RED III sets new targets for transport sector
Publication date: Jul 23 2021
Tags - Ethanol
The government issued a draft notification allowing E12 and E15 sales for vehicles.
Description: India: E12/E15 may be sold as an intermediate step prior to E20
Publication date: Jul 22 2021
CEN has proposed modifications to Europe's paraffinic diesel standard, and others.
Description: Europe: Modifications proposed to the paraffinic diesel standard