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Publication date: Apr 25 2022
Tags - Aviation
Domestic SAF production from microalgae started in 2018. Additional production from used cooking oil and animal fat to be ready from 2025.
Description: Japan: supply chain prepares for 10% SAF in domestic aviation fuel by 2030
Publication date: Apr 20 2022
Fuel methanol trials continue, diesel engines used in inland waterways and army trucks are to be converted to run on pure fuel methanol.
Description: India: NITI Aayog pushes the adoption of fuel methanol
Publication date: Apr 18 2022
Tags - Ethanol
The accumulated crushing of the 2021/2022 harvest reached a total of 523.11 million tons, ending the agricultural cycle with a reduction of 13.6%...
Description: Brazil: sugar and ethanol production decreases following 2021/2022 harvest
Publication date: Apr 14 2022
Tags - Aviation
On March 7, 2022, the new Issue 14 of DEF STAN 91-091 standard for aviation turbine fuel was published. In addition, Issue 7 of DEF STAN 91-087 was...
Description: Global: New Issues of DEF STAN 91-091 and DEF STAN 91-087 published
Publication date: Apr 11 2022
Tags - Hydrogen
On April 6, 2022, the British energy security strategy was announced. It includes the doubling of hydrogen production to 10 GW, by 2030, compared to...
Description: UK: British energy security strategy announced
Publication date: Apr 08 2022
Tags - Hydrogen
The government has published a medium and long-term development plan for the hydrogen industry which reduces by half the 2025 hydrogen FCEV target.
Description: China: Government cuts 2025 hydrogen FCEV target in half
Publication date: Apr 08 2022
Tags - Marine
In March 2022, 14 vessels suffered engine problems as a result of high levels of chlorinated hydrocarbons and organic chlorides in bunker fuels.
Description: Singapore: chlorinated hydrocarbons and organic chlorides found in bunker fuels
Publication date: Apr 07 2022
The National Strategy for Universal Access to Energy sets targets to increase the number of electric vehicles.
Description: Panama: plan to increase penetration of ethanol and electric vehicles
Publication date: Apr 07 2022
At least three EV charging points are to be installed in each of 2,000 HDB carparks by 2025.
Description: Singapore: at least 6,000 public electric vehicles charging points to be operational...