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Publication date: Nov 15 2019
The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources released new B100 specification on November 5, 2019 to enable higher biodiesel blends in the market.
Description: Indonesia: Gearing for B30 implementation, the government released the new B100...
Publication date: Nov 11 2019
Member states report on the fuel quality
Description: EU: Fuel quality monitoring report for 2017 published
Publication date: Nov 05 2019
The government aims to implement B20 in Langkawi from early 2020 and introduce it in the whole country by end of 2020.
Description: Malaysia: B20 to be launched first in Langkawi and reach nationwide deployment by...
Publication date: Nov 04 2019
EPA issued a supplemental proposal to adjust the RFS standards for 2020 and biomass-based diesel volume for 2021.
Description: EPA proposes an adjustment in 2020 RFS standards
Publication date: Nov 04 2019
The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources regulates specification for RON 98 gasoline with maximum sulfur limit of 0.005% m/m (50 ppm).
Description: Indonesia: Update on RON 98 Gasoline Specifications
Publication date: Oct 29 2019
The sixth edition of the WWFC charter published
Description: Global: 2019 WORLDWIDE FUEL Charter published
Publication date: Oct 29 2019
Kenya adopted the East African Standards on diesel and gasoline quality in July 2019.
Description: Kenya: new East African standards approved in July 2019
Publication date: Oct 29 2019
Tags - biofuels
Spain published the list of feedstocks for biofuels that are qualified for double counting under the renewable energy target
Description: Spain: Published the list of double counted biofuels
Publication date: Oct 28 2019
Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers asks for delay in implementation of IMO 0.5% sulfur limit for fuels used in internal waters.
Description: Russia: the IMO 0.5% sulfur limit implementation potentially delayed for internal...
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