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Publication date: Jul 18 2018
The use of ethanol gasoline (E10) will become mandatory in most vehicles in Tianjin by the end of September 2018.
Description: China: Tianjin to implement E10 mandate ahead of national requirement
Publication date: Jul 18 2018
There is no official announcement from national oil company Pertamina, but RON 95 is no longer available in the market. Instead, gasoline with RON...
Description: Indonesia: RON 95 was officially replaced by RON 98 gasoline
Publication date: Jul 02 2018
The Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development announced that gasoline and diesel enabling vehicles to meet Euro 4 emissions standards will be...
Description: Sri Lanka: Euro 4 enabling gasoline and diesel will be available in the market from ...
Publication date: Jun 26 2018
The Thai government announced that B20 will be sold in retail market starting July 2018. This decision is taken mainly to absorb the estimated...
Description: Thailand: B20 will be sold in retail market from July 2018
Publication date: Jun 14 2018
EU negotiators agreed on RED II
Description: EU: Trilogue agreement on RED II
Publication date: Jun 11 2018
The U.S. EPA decided not to release any details about the proposed changes for E15 use.
Description: U.S.: No proposal for RVP waiver for E15
Publication date: Jun 06 2018
The Union Cabinet approved the National Biofuels policy 2018, nine years after the previous biofuels policy launched.
Description: India: National Biofuels Policy 2018 Unveiled
Publication date: Jun 05 2018
Tags - Sulfur
In July 2017 Ghana Standards Authority introduced new specifications for diesel GS 141: 2017. The standard tightened the quality requirements for...
Description: Ghana: 50 ppm diesel on the market
Publication date: Jun 05 2018
Tags - E15
Today, the federal administration is expected to release a memorandum providing details on the possible 1 psi (approximately 6.9 kPa) RVP waiver for...
Description: U.S.: More flexible RVP requirements expected for E15
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