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Publication date: May 13 2020
Tags - Ethanol
Sales of RON 95 E10 dropped in March, 2020 due to COVID-19
Description: France: RON 95 E10 share close to 50%
Publication date: May 11 2020
Commission awaits proposals for non-food and non-feed feedstocks that could be added in the legislation
Description: European Union: Potentially new feedstocks for advanced biofuels in the RED
Publication date: May 07 2020
EU bioethanol and biodiesel imports grew in January 2020
Description: Global: Slight growth in EU biofuel imports in January 2020 compared to 2019
Publication date: May 06 2020
Tags - Gasoline
PEMEX published in Q1 2020 the worst financial results in its history. Production of premium gasoline may be stopped in 2020.
Description: MEXICO: PEMEX may stop production of premium gasoline in 2020
Publication date: May 05 2020
Tags - Biodiesel
The Argentinean biodiesel industry had a difficult start to 2020, however it improved in March due to the decrease of feedstock prices benefiting...
Publication date: Apr 28 2020
The Canadian government allowed that the proposed regulation of liquid fuels under the Clean Fuel Standard will be released in fall 2020.
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Publication date: Apr 28 2020
The EC requires member states to inform about the relaxation measures
Description: COVID–19/EU: winter gasoline grades are available for sale until end of June...
Publication date: Apr 23 2020
Governors from five oil-producing states asked EPA to consider a waiver from RFS requirements, but producers dispute their interpretation of the...
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Publication date: Apr 23 2020
Further reduction in bioethanol consumption expected in 2020 amid COVID-19
Description: Germany: E10 share increased in 2019, but ethanol consumption plummeted