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Publication date: Dec 16 2019
Tags - Biodiesel
The Indonesian government is looking to the possibility of mandating B40 in 2021/2022 to further reduce diesel imports and absorb palm oil production.
Description: Indonesia: Government may revise biodiesel mandate, increasing to B40 in 2021/2022
Publication date: Dec 12 2019
Euro 4 will be likely introduced from 2021
Description: Georgia: 10 ppm limit for sulfur in diesel from 2021
Publication date: Dec 10 2019
Recent developments—new pathway applications, investment announcements and published renewable fuel mandate compliance data—suggest that...
Description: U.S.: Renewable diesel gaining momentum in West Coast
Publication date: Dec 09 2019
The Chinese government mandated the switch to fuels with a maximum sulfur limit of 10 mg/kg. Because of this, almost all provincial methanol blends...
Description: China: Highlights from the International Methanol Automotive and Fuel Application...
Publication date: Dec 09 2019
Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) is expected to complete the refineries’ upgrading project in the first quarter of 2020.
Description: Kuwait: State Oil Company Ready to Produce Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuels from April 2020
Publication date: Dec 04 2019
Tags - Biodiesel
The EU 2018 biodiesel imports increased significantly because of the increased import volumes from Argentina and Indonesia.
Description: Global: Argentinean and Indonesian biodiesel dominated the EU's 2018 imports
Publication date: Dec 04 2019
Tags - Ethanol
Reduction in Brazilian ethanol imports
Description: Global: in 2019 the EU increased the imports of the U.S. bioethanol
Publication date: Dec 04 2019
Tags - Ethanol
Overall conformity with E15 improved in US fuel quality survey of Summer 2019, but issues remain.
Description: U.S.: E15 conformity improved slightly in Summer '19
Publication date: Dec 04 2019
New York State publishes notice of adoption of E15 and notes intent to update applicable gasoline ASTM standards.
Description: U.S.: New York state to pave way for E15, update gasoline spec