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Publication date: May 20 2020
Vehicle producers would support a higher octane gasoline as a reference fuel to reduce CO2 emissions from fuel combustion
Description: European Union: Preparation works underway for the EURO 7/VII exhaust emission...
Publication date: May 20 2020
South Africa issued its updated biofuel regulatory framework earlier this year, but it is insufficient to tackle all issues the biofuel industry is...
Description: SOUTH AFRICA: Biofuels policy issued but several questions remain open
Publication date: May 20 2020
The Vietnam government proposed a draft new fuel specification QCVN 1:2020/BHKCN to replace the current QCVN 1:2015/BHKCN.
Description: Vietnam: Draft New Fuel Specifications released for consultation
Publication date: May 18 2020
The Ministry of Commerce of China has recently released the second batch of petroleum products export quota for 2020, a 28% decline compared to 2019.
Publication date: May 14 2020
Gasoline markets are beginning to rebalance, but inventories remain high ahead of next weeks's EPA emergency waiver deadline.
Description: SGS_InSpire_Keyvisual_LR
Publication date: May 14 2020
Tags - ethanol
Bioethanol should comply with the sustainability criteria
Description: Ukraine: 5 %v/v bioethanol mandate proposed for 2021
Publication date: May 13 2020
Tags - ethanol
Sales of RON 95 E10 dropped in March, 2020 due to COVID-19
Description: France: RON 95 E10 share close to 50%
Publication date: May 11 2020
Commission awaits proposals for non-food and non-feed feedstocks that could be added in the legislation
Description: European Union: Potentially new feedstocks for advanced biofuels in the RED
Publication date: May 07 2020
EU bioethanol and biodiesel imports grew in January 2020
Description: Global: Slight growth in EU biofuel imports in January 2020 compared to 2019