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Publication date: Feb 24 2022
New energy vehicles numbers increased by more than 80% in 2021, on a 2020 baseline.
Description: U.S.: Deliveries of hybrids, plug-in electrics and FCVs increase 80% in 2021
Publication date: Feb 23 2022
ANP published fuel supply and demand data for 2021, with divergent results per fuel.
Description: Brazil: In 2021 biodiesel demand increased, while ethanol demand decreased
Publication date: Feb 22 2022
China's government aims to gradually eliminate the NEV purchase restriction in eight cities and one province, and accelerate the development of NEV...
Description: China: NEV purchase restrictions gradually eliminated and charging station...
Publication date: Feb 22 2022
Tags - Gasoline
In the Union Budget 2022-2023 speech, the Minister of Finance announced a differential excise duty of INR 2.00/liter for gasoline without ethanol.
Description: India: additional excise duty on unblended gasoline to ensure E10's nationwide...
Publication date: Feb 22 2022
Tags - Refining
ENEOS' Wakayama refinery will be permanently closed by October 2023.
Description: Japan: Another refinery to close by 2023
Publication date: Feb 17 2022
According to official sources, the adoption of Euro 7/VII standards will be delayed further.
Description: EU: Euro 7/VII exhaust emission standard adoption delayed to July 2022
Publication date: Feb 17 2022
The Nigerian Petroleum Regulatory Authority confirmed a case of imported gasoline adulterated with methanol.
Description: Nigeria: Gasoline adulterated with methanol found in supply chain
Publication date: Feb 17 2022
CFS Bill passed in the state Senate but failed in the House of Representatives.
Description: U.S.: Clean Fuel Standard fails to pass in New Mexico
Publication date: Feb 16 2022
On February 3, 2022, a positive signal has been given to recognize 13 voluntary schemes for biofuel compliance certification by European Commission.
Description: EU: Voluntary and national certification schemes are expected to be approved by the...