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Publication date: Mar 25 2020
55% GHG emission reduction by 2030 will require additional CO2 reduction from transport
Description: EU proposes to increase reduction of GHG emissions to 55% by 2030
Publication date: Mar 25 2020
CO2 tax could be introduced to differentiate between fossil and alternative fuels
Description: EU to propose revision of energy taxation directive by mid 2021
Publication date: Mar 25 2020
Tags - Ethanol
The freed feedstock will be used for disinfectant production
Description: Turkey suspends E3 bioethanol mandate for 3 months
Publication date: Mar 19 2020
In this summary SGS INSPIRE is showing some of the most recent consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in the different regions of the world.
Description: Covid-19 is affecting fuel markets differently worldwide
Publication date: Mar 18 2020
Tags - Biodiesel
Officially from January 1, 2020, all diesel sold in Indonesia is B30 (30% v/v biodiesel blended with 70% v/v conventional diesel).
Publication date: Mar 18 2020
Legal disputes continue to create uncertainty over small refinery exemptions of biofuel blend obligations.
Description: U.S.: Possible EPA Appeal of 10th Court Decision Roiling Oil Industry
Publication date: Mar 17 2020
The government of Ecuador just released a public tender for the construction of a new refinery to supply the coast of the country.
Description: Ecuador: bidding for construction of new refinery published
Publication date: Mar 17 2020
EU Transport Ministers approved a general declaration about carbon neutral shipping in 2050
Description: EU discusses the 2050 outlook for Waterborne transport
Publication date: Mar 16 2020
Targets for electric vehicle share and biomethane were also proposed
Description: Lithuania proposes 2030 targets for renewable energies used by the transportation