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Publication date: Sep 17 2019
EPA published a proposed rule to extend time for complying with Tier 4 standards for certain marine diesel engines, and to modify marine diesel sulfur...
Description: United States (U.S.): EPA to propose changes in national marine diesel engine...
Publication date: Sep 16 2019
Brazil has applied a new quota for tariff-rate imported ethanol for this season, increasing it from 600 million liters to 750 million liters.
Description: Brazil: New tariff rate quota for ethanol imports
Publication date: Sep 16 2019
Tags - ethanolE20
From May 31, 2019, all gasoline sold in Zimbabwe must be blended with 20 %volume ethanol.
Description: Zimbabwe: E20 mandate since May 31, 2019
Publication date: Sep 11 2019
The new president elect indictes policy priorities to the new commissioners
Description: EU: The EC's new president-elect designates commissioners
Publication date: Sep 10 2019
The Southern African Development Community met to discuss harmonization of cleaner fuels and vehicle emission standards
Description: Southern African Development Community: harmonization of fuel quality and exhaust...
Publication date: Sep 06 2019
Review of the upcoming legislative discussions at the EU level
Description: EU: Fuels and Transport high on the new European Commission’s agenda
Publication date: Sep 05 2019
Ghana is drafting Euro I vehicle exhaust emissions standards for light commercial vehicles
Description: Ghana to adopt Euro I vehicle exhaust emissions standards
Publication date: Sep 03 2019
KiwiRail to carry out biodiesel trials on Wellington trains and Interislander ferries this year, despite lack of biodiesel supply
Description: New Zealand: The Railway and Marine Sectors to Carry Out Biodiesel Trials
Publication date: Aug 29 2019
German government discussing CO2 pricing
Description: Germany: Climate-related ministers to decide on GHG emissions reduction strategy for...